I want you .. so,so bad (I want food )

Saturdays are the busiest of days, there were times I made 150 covers without me realizing it , my food are not expensive but these orders are meaningful ones because food should be quick and they need to go, when I said "they" means the students who are taking the French lessons here on Saturdays where the school conduct full day of classes.They only have like half an hour to eat and I understand their rush as I was like that too when I took that Japanese course recently.But when some students were pushing it too far that they were rude towards my staff (who is ill at this moment, so its me and my bro helping me)I got the shock of my life.But I think my shocked and tantrums was not as half as my ex boss's temper..ement.
I remember wanting so ,so much to work in a professional kitchen I don't care how hard it is , how you are not a chick or a babe in the kitchen , you are a CHEF and you have to do what the boys do.I only work for a short period in the industry before I started my own business,I think in that short period I had learnt a lot ... not only food but also friendship and self confidence .Having top , Michelin starred chefs saying that I am awesome and wrote nice thing about me is something I though I could have never done, especially I grew up having my breakfast done for me.yes i was a spoilt and annoying princess.
I have to say Thank you to all my ex bosses and colleagues, they had been great to me , I had forgotten all those pot throwing , name calling and shouting, well not really forgotten, but its more like I don't take it personal.Many of my batch mates are now successful and they certainly deserves it .I would like to say that we are never different just because I took the different route starting my own thing,we all love food and would bleed, burnt and cry for it.No matter where you are (I know where you guys are ... having a room in 5 star hotels and doing something that you love )I just want you guys to know that , you guys were right...I can never run away from creams , pots , sugar and eggs(and chocolate) well food in general,THIS IS WHAT I WANT .

I'm hungry, I have not eaten since this morning
I would like to say Happy Birthday to Chef Darsin , my former colleague/senior ,that's this Sunday and I hope that you will have a good time in Bahrain with the new job posting and all... congratulations!send me postcards will you?xoxo

For now ,I need to go because I am hungry ... I would have the food from my Cafe and today it would be my favourite Nasi Lemak with spicy chicken the recipe I inherited from my grandma ... bon appetito.


Anonymous said…
nowwwwww, you make me hungry, at this time of the hour!!!
Anonymous said…
I love your blog. Your life looks so interesting. Take care.