Monday, 3 March 2008

Pictures from my phone

I went through my phone while lying down on my softlan's jasmine scented sheet, I should be doing something else , but I got the feeling that Lupus is about to strike ,I am losing control and being forgetful lately, my knees are so painful ,I hate to admit my weakness, but I think I can't grip a fist today it was a loose fist when I gripped my chef's knife, and when I used the paring ones it's still the same.That's when I realized that I will never be the same because Mr lupus had taken over my life.Anyway no sad talk , the point is my mum insist that I get some rest and see Dr Ho tomorrow, I will and I want to delete all this pictures from my phones so I thought I put it here... another entry for Sayangku Azura .PS: for those who had commented on my previous entries, I want to reply on your feedbacks(Thank you) but I am not so well at this moment and will do so as soon as I can.For now ,you all take care,big kiss and nighty night zzzzz...I love sweets and when I want some Indian sweets this is where I go my neighbour Thava and Malar introduced me to this place which is not far from our residences.
I am not a sushi person but my brother is ,One evening we walked from our house to Pavillion and now I am in love with this teriyaki salmon at Yo sushi and any food that's moving/rotating it's like Im in a sushi factory.
When I was out with my mummy having lunch at Madam Kwan's that serves Malaysian/nyonya food.My mum had bojari rice which is actually an Indonesian food and being a noodle canoodle sucker I am... I stick to Curry laksa

One of the cafe that belongs to Equatorial Kuala lumpur , this outlet is inside Pavillion shopping Mall,I won't say its my favourite since I've been with Equatorial's "Nipah" for a long time so I can't be fair when judging food from this place to my family's favourite restaurant

I had lunch at Radisson's Boulvar in Dubai and I love the food ,It is different from what I usually have in my home country, although I was rushing to get into the cruise tour .Azura+grills and kebabs=happy

Ok,ok I can't stop talking about my favourite shopping mall... one of these days pavillion should really appoint me as their rep, because I've told like everyone that i like going there .But really it is a nice place to go.If only I have some money to buy those pretty dresess
Sushi dinner episode 2
Vegetarian dinner Malar's cousin's treat xoxo

I love going to this market because I had been going there for ages and I know everyone there, the staffs there are mostly Nepalese and they are really nice people.I can't wait to go to Nepal one day
I like this couch but it is kinda pricey for what it is... well at least for me.
Kentucky fried chicken in Bukit Bintang before Chinese New year.I had corrupted my japanese course mates into loving KFC and I really feel guilty up till today.
Bookstore( Pavillion, ok I'll stop talking about Pavilion), I really love bookstores but lately since I've been blogging and addicted to a network called facebook,and of course working mao ,I don't read novel as much anymore only newspapers .


SGethers said...

Hang in there, Az! I like your blog. Keep your head up. I take Provigil for energy. I stay away from sweets as best I can because they cause me to flare. Sometimes aspirin helps! I feel your pain and I'm here if you need me!

Julie said...

All that food looks great! Oh, I better have dinner soon.... :-)

Feel better really soon, OK?

CiliQueen said...

Hi Azura...hmm i dont know if u have heard about cellfood? maybe u wud like to find out and try taking it...but u have to consult ur doctor...just sharing an info ...takecare sweetie :)

Liudmila said...

Yesterday I read much about health. They said, female health is very dipendant from food. Now, after I've seen these your photos, I understand not only I am "healing" myself with mad quantities of sugar, you have great passion for "healing" too. ;)))

Sweetiepie said...

Pavilion is sucha beautiful mall.Curry laksa is one of my favourite food.yum!look spicy huh!Take a rest and walk too much sweetie.Don't think about the pain and be positive ya :)*hugs*

JesseTheCat said...

Love all these pictures.They are awesome and make me feel as if I am living there,lol.The couch is nice,and could really go for some of that sushi right about now.Cool pictures...hope you are doing well :)

A Z R A said...

me love Pavillion too! xo