My little hunny bunny

I know him for a long time, At times I feel like we were meant to be .
Grilling my fish, baking my favourite puddings and cakes ,
I love everything that was made in him,At times I feel like He is such a miracle lover , He pleased me and never failed to impress me.He is not moody and always sober.
Until one day I took him somewhere else and the electricity there , hurts him so bad, they hurt my baby :o( .I almost cried when the plug melt and I pulled it right away and that was when I took him to work with me at my new Cafe,I wanted to rescue him so much that I don't care about my safety anymore,then Energy Department came and the technician said the power was still there and It was dangerous for me to do that and gave me some advice on power and electricity.I felt bad ... but I knew him since I was 18 and my mum got me that... He is home with me now, I won't take him there anymore.We will live here together forever my love ,and I won't make you work at places you can't work at anymore,I promise.
I love you my grey little bunny.xoxo