Kneeling to kiss the sky (Today sucks)

I feel like today had been painted with black, one thing after another hits me with grief and stress. I can't handle silliness and arrogance with grace anymore.Let me keep this sadness to myself and get on with it.I feel so unloved and so alone.
Teardrops rolling down on my cheek...I am weak .


Michelley said…
Hey girl,
I was stopping by to see how you are doing and i see it's not good :(
I am sending cyber hugs across the continents to you my friend
Tomorrow will be a better day
saxyphone said…
Hey cheer up Azura.

Today might be a rainy day.. but we know for sure the sun will show up again. That's life. :)

So, this awful feeling would be replaced by good vibes sooner or later. It will come though, for sure.

Take care.
waliz said…
i hope u can see blue skies tomororrow....wish u all the best..!
CiliQueen said…
Sweetie...cry all out..the pain, lonliness etc that's keeping inside of me..i KNOW how it is to feel ALONE...maybe on a diff note but times will chnage for the better...keep your grace as you have strong inside and that will carry you on dear...have faith in yourself..and above all HIM...takecare
JesseTheCat said…
Thinking of are strong,but must take small steps where possible.At least until you are into the whole swing of the resurant.Otherwise you will tire yourself out too much,and feel overwhelmed!