Jesse's tag

Okey dokey, now I really had a long day , a long face and a long queue at Absolute Gourmet today , many things had happened some good and one or two bad ones.I prefer not to talk about the ugly bits as I prefers to talk about beautiful ones for instance... my blogger friend Jesse, I was tagged weeks ago and now I think I can spare some time to do it.Thanks Jesse, though I am not sure if I am doing it right...I would go ahead and get it done.

It's like you have to write a poetry about your kitchen and you have to include your friends in it (Right, Jesse?) and let them know as well?
Might sounds awkward but this is my spontaneous version ...

I dream of a kitchen it is all in pink,
It is next to my garden overlooking the Pacific seas,
I always hang out by the verandah
With Zenchef and Azra sipping our teas.

Today I host a pot luck party , this is when Jesse brings me
roti ,
Saxyphone oftens talk about music,
but we listened to him because his pastas are fantastic
Michelle came all the way,
She brings us orange salad and we all says hooray!

Merkmarcia and Julie brought us some doughnuts
the nutella fillings in it makes me go nuts!
Finally, doudy came and said hello but to my surprise he brought a potrait of me that he had painted also!


Anonymous said…
Wait! I'm drinking tea with Azra and you on my lap? Nice!
I take an iced passion fruit tea with mint please!
doudy said…
I would love to paint your portrait... but I am sorry I am not that good in doing faces...
I could do anything else you want :) just send me the picture
maybe a pink kitchen :))))))
JesseTheCat said…
Nice poem...thanks for doing it.I would of course bring you roti anytime,though the roti on your side may be much better than ours!! :)