Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I have to admit that I am pretty happy with my life now , being in the kitchen and preparing orders being fired at me feels like I am a warrior, like a video game character.

I have to also admit that doing paper works are not really my type of work.Oh yea,I have already met few nice friends there.These people I met has been a great supporter of my cafe,Maybe I forgot that blessings do come in disguises .Those hanky panky of business and back stabbing and slender would make me more resilient,I cant believe that I have not drop a single tears for a week now.All this was meant to be and I accepted it name it good or bad with grace of a ballerina with pride of a warrior ,somehow we all human fights everyday in this battle called life.This few days had been pretty rough on me but I say its only forward for me, this vehicle has no reverse gear or turning back, maybe slight brakes , but this car will go steady in a medium speed to the top.Hopefully.
By the way, I have to go now my mum cooked my favourite noodle and we might want to go to catch a movie a bit later if I'm not too tired.Thanks a lot to those who had commented on Sayangku Azura recently , those sweet words accompanies me throughout the day and knowing that you all supported me means a lot to this girl.

BTW, that is the picture of The tallest Building in the world (The Burj)in The making, in Dubai .
Lots of Love , Hugs and kisses



JO said...

the building's soooooooooooooo tall!! hahaha..

A Z R A said...

hello babe, great to hear that you are doing great!!!

Julie said...

You sound so much cheerier here! It is so nice to see!