Everything is going to be OK

I don't know why some people have to be rude , don't they know that no human is superior than another?
I feel sad and upset.Everytime I am home in Malaysia ... bad things always visits... and that makes me wonder if this is what I really what ?If it is, why it makes me feel so sad and angry?If life is as easy as things shown on 50's movies... where people where big dressess and women only bothered about getting a husband and be housewife who bake great muffins everyday.In my quest to be successful financially a.k.a filthy rich, This is what i have to go through, is it worth the pain?

Places I would rather be at this moment

1)New York
3)Tioman Island

I am not going to cry,I'm a strong girl.
Too many sadness lately, not good, going out with my brother and some of our friends.I need it.


Michelley said…
Hey girl,
I am thinking of you and sending positive vibes across the continents to you again :) You deserve to be happy, have fun with your brother and friends and think about all the great things this life has to give us :)
Michelle aka Arimayasheart
CiliQueen said…
Hi Sweetie dear..don't bother about other people who thinks they are superior than others...be who you are and be happy ok...sorry been busy lately to peep into ur blog...stay positive ok :)

Anonymous said…
New York in first position huh!
Do you know anyone there? :-)
Take it easy. Be like the bamboo that bends in the wind but that never breaks. Peace!
JesseTheCat said…
Sending you ALL my support and hugs as well.Its often a difficult struggle to start a business and be ill at the same time.I am amazed at your strong spirit always.You go,Girl !!!
amicalechica said…
hi there, i just want to say that your writing is amazing and i love reading your blog because its so alive and human! i can totally relate with you on so many accounts!