Am I too old to get my tonsils removed?

This picture had got nothing to do with what you'll read below, But how I wish I can be dipped in them chocolate too...yum yum.

Wanna have a look at my tonsils?Maybe not huh,it is huge and all red now, I had been coughing as well,Last night with tears in my eyes my mum took me to see my GP,It is not that far from where I live, but the road was heavily congested due to the heavy rain.
So we drove half away and decided to park the car because we know that the traffic jam won't be over till late.My doctor said that I have got an infection,
On our way back to the car , We drop by at this Iranian restaurant for coffee , since its opens I had never once sees anyone in it.Maybe I passed by at the wrong time, but i have to say that the interior is really nice but most of all the service staff, the waiter , the bartender and the entertainer.He greeted us , made us tea after recommending cinnamon tea for my throat and after serving us those tea, dates and a slice of Iranian cake , he reached for the keyboard and played us a song.How wonderful was that !.As promised ,I'm a woman of my word,I will be back at his place and try his lamb shank after I got my throat sorted.

Even when my throat and my head are aching I still went to work and did my job,I am glad everything went well.I feel so tired and need lots of TLC... so for now , I want to go whine and seek some attention from my mum, I know it sounded selfish, but I got my excuse... I'm ill.


Anonymous said…
hey, get well soon eh! ;P
Liudmila said…
The job is good for this: you have to forget your illnesses. If it's a pleasure... Eh, job is rarely pleasure, yes. Hope you like your job else.
Become healthy soon! :)))
Anonymous said…
Take care of yourself darling and don't work too hard. Have some cake instead! :-)