Tonight is 'the' night.

Hi Az Azura, I am your immune system , last time I used to protect you, but now I am confused .. I am attacking you, yes I am and maybe kill you bit by bit..(followed by an evil laugh)....ha ha ha ha

I have been having trouble sleeping in this few years,There are times when I sleep like 12 hours and that sometimes comes with beautiful dreams like an added bonus to my restful sleep but sometimes ,I find it hard to even shut my eyes and relax .Lately I am into the latter mode , at 1 am I often think about The crispiness of Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's ,Fortunate and unfortunately these Fast food restaurants not far from my house runs 24 hours with home delivery options .I always end up having some not so healthy food at 1,2 or 3 in the morning with my younger brother while chatting on our dining table.
Being a morning person , I am often tired in the afternoon but I had forced myself to stay awake and be in front of the computer either working or pretending to be working.I realized my doctors had said to me to take it easy , chill' whenever I feel the need to chill' and take a nap whenever I feel like it because pushing myself is not good for my health.Seriously ,it can cause flare.Man,.. I hate this .My body is beyond my control now !!! I need a rest, but I can't seem to relax!!!

Could be my lucky night
I am so glad that Lavender oil helped me with my headaches back then ,same like Jasmine oil that helped me to relax .I stopped using aromatherapy stuff for a little while because I had used this patchouli body wash 7 months ago and it makes me itch(I know.. lately whatever I do seems to make me itch).
But tonight is the night, I am going to take a warm bath ,use my no preservatives glycerin soap , put on my most comfortable pyjamas maybe that pink one with hearts on it, drink a glass of milk and put that lavender oil in my burner, put it next to my bed .Tonight I am going to reach my deep sleep.. and go where I've never been before.


Anonymous said…
hey girl, hope all is well with you, insya allah!

btw, im gonna add u to my fav blog listing, hope you dont mind...nite nite! ;D
AzAzura said…
Hey Azra! Thanks a lot!

Of course I won't mind !I will put you on my favourite too! (and I hope you don't mind)
Anonymous said…
Two of my favorite ladies here in the same comment room :-) Nice to see!
Sweet dreams Azazura and take good care of yourself!
AzAzura said…
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AzAzura said…
Ha, ha Thank You! and I will Zen Chef xx
doudy said…
Very nice blog..
AzAzura said…
Doudy,Thanks I am glad that you like it.