This can't be happening to me!!( me being a drama queen )


At this moment of time I am having a crisis at home , everyone seems to be upset because they are not a drip of water coming from our tap since 2 pm yesterday.. Luckily, We had some water reserves in the tank, but today,I had marched to the supermarket to get some mineral water for drinking and brushing our teeth.
The huge connecting pipe that burst at another end of the City had caused this.I rung the Water department hotline and the answer is they "don't know " when this crisis will be resolved and with a report in a newspaper yesterday saying that we should brace ourselves as this might take 3-4 days.. I wanted to laugh but since everyone have this frown on their face maybe I should give frown a chance too.Till this crisis is over, I am going to fake my panic and worries while playing on my online games when I should really be doing paper works.I am tired and sleepy and I had not take a proper shower .Arghhhh!!!!
oh wait!... I think the water is starting to come..


Julie said…
Argh! I completely understand your frustration!
doudy said…
Hello, thanx for your comment on my Blog, I really appreciate that you spent time seeing my works... by the way very nice photos of landscapes, please keep on posting them, I will draw them in watercolors... I didn't see your works though...oh and good luck with the water problem.... :)
I'll be back soon also :)))
Anonymous said…
I feel for you!
It's awful when one of life's basic needs is not there. Makes you ponder.
Take a bath in mineral water! :-)
AzAzura said…
Julie darling,
Arghh! I finally had a nice bath that evening.
AzAzura said…
My pleasure, I love painting although mine are not pretty at all!.
AzAzura said…
zen chef,
Thanks,yeah why not make it an evian as well..!oohh i feel like " Queen cleozura"already xo