Thank You for being a friend.

Straight from my mean everything to me.

At the first place I wrote a blog on myspace account because it was cold in England on 28th of May 2007 ,armed with a bowl of greasy chicken fried rice I had got from a take away nearby on my side and my comfy pyjama...I started typing and had forgotten all about the interesting computer games and that I was supposed to be playing at the time or checking on my ebay auction that was about to end. Instead, I continued typing my little journal to be shared with online population.That was the first ever time that I had opened my heart to other than those who are close to me.

I had never realized that I would enjoy writing this much.I know I love to write( and doing a million of other things too) , but I also always know that I am not good at it.I think I don't have that much confidence anymore since my Lupus attacked, that I always think that I am bad at everything and can never do any good,Thanks to my mum, Roger and my brother who gave positive energy boost to me besides supporting me in whatever I do.Now, I realized that many people have faith in me , coming here to my blog often and supported me, these people some I had never met and yet offers me friendship and many laughters.
I have to say that YOU fills my life with vivid colours and beautiful friendship.Sometimes when some of them do not update their blogs I tend to get worried and concern about their well beings.No matter where they are , I hope that life is treating them well and they are happy...
Zen Chef , Azra,Doudy ,Shantanugosh, Afghan Lord,Liudmila,Anita, Fatih Syuhud,Julie,Wick Davis and more names that has supported me, direct or indirect way.
Thank you for your morale supports and kind words! Friends forever xoxo

Thanks also to Susie ,Tarrel,Charlie, Alex, Thava and Malar who come here very often to support their friend "Sayangku Azura ".xxx

Lots of love , hugs and kisses


Liudmila said…
You write so beautiful words... I'm agree with you, blogging gives us the possibility to stay in touch with very different persons that give us their help, their time, wait for us when we are far from internet... I live alown and sometimes have nobody to speak to for a month and more. And internet became my world of friends.

We are here and we are with you.
doudy said…
I was very moved when I saw my name...Thanx for your sweet words
Take care
Anonymous said…
love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! take good care! and remember, we are here, ................xoxo!
Julie said…
Thank you so much for your kind words! It was so nice to see my name up there! It is great having blogging friends, isn't it?
Anonymous said…
Hello sweet Azzie,
Thank you so much for you kind words here, I was so awesome to see "Tarrel" on your blog, made me feel special and important. Please always remember that I treasure you very much too. Being Lupus Buddies is so great to me, because you understand exactly what I am going through and I understand you.
Even though we have never met, we have a very special bond.
Thank you and I love you dearly.

p.s. You write beautifully! Believe in yourself... you are not bad at all!! mwa xoxo
Anonymous said…
My Dearest Azazura, thank you so much for your kind words! Blogging does bring people closer!
I'm glad to know you and i hope to keep this correspondance going for a long long time! :-)
You're amazing and deserve lots of love. Who knows, we might even meet someday!