Poot Len naw- You must be joking

I went to the bank with my mom and little brother today , He wants to have Thai ,- as in food for lunch today.So we went to this former rival of mine , eventhough
"their people" think that ,my restaurant was a rival ,I never thought of it that way, because they belong to a huge chain and I am a single owner, they serves fine dining Thai , I served Fine dining Malay But I suppose people who succeed in business has to do it the old fashion way jealous , rival , enemy bloody blah.. I am not an angel but I prefer to do things my way the honest and straight way having friends are much better than having enemies, being nice is much better than being bad , clean is better than dirty.
So we went to one of their restaurant and this is not the first time, I supported them back then as well. My brother ate his favourite dish which was a deep friend fish(Garoupa) , KaiLan and I ate Thai green curry although without sounding awful ,my Thai green curry is much better ,thanks to my Thai blood connection.The funny thing is this:

"A Malay family ate at a Thai Restaurant , food cooked by a Myanmar , served by Bangladeshis,in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia".

I'm all confused , so I laughed not knowing how to react.

Now I know why my mum skipped her lunch just now.

Lets go to our regular Thai restaurant 20 kilometres away , shall we next time?


Anonymous said…
Re: A Malay family ate...."

Haha. I hope the food was good after all this. :-)
Berry S said…
Dear Azura,
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AzAzura said…
No it wasn't unfortunately, ha, ha!

Berry S,
- Terima Kasih di atas komentar anda ,Saya sudah membaca karya Rhonda Byrnes itu dan anda juga harus tahu 'it takes all sort of people(animals, evil)to make a world' mungkin dunia kamu berbeda kerana kamu dikelilingi para sarjana dan aristokrat sedangkan aku kerap bertemu dengan manusia-manusia yang selalu menikam aku.
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doudy said…
Like you said its better to be nice than being bad, actually its very easy to be bad...
AzAzura said…
easier does not mean better :-) ha ha just like watercolour -practise makes perfect.