Please send her home.

I feel really awful reading the stories of child abuse and abduction, how can someone do that to little kids?Last Wednesday ,Shalinie an asthmatic 6 year old girl was abducted while playing with her sister at a playground 200 metres away from her home.her sister said that her abductor was a petite women and took her in a car.

Few months ago, Nurin Jazlin was kidnapped near her house too. She was finally found dead, her body was stuffed in a sports bag left in front of a shop and the body showed that she was brutally abused. They have not found the killer up till today.

This the photo fit of a men who abducted another little girl few days ago , Thankfully she was found after 3 hours .Shocked, but medical examination showed that she was not assaulted .This abductor often convinced his victim to follow him by on the pretext of looking for his missing cat, He had used the same tactic on June 27th last year to a 6 year old girl and had shoved a brinjal onto her private part, another incident was on the next following month when he abducted a five year old, sundry shop owner's daughter ,she was found abandoned 14 hours later with bruises on her legs.

Friends , if you think you know this men or have seen him somewhere ,please contact those numbers on the poster above. As I am writing this, I feel the tremendous feeling of disgust and hate towards pedophiles and this men should be arrested and be penalised .


Anonymous said…
This is so sad.
I don't know how human beings can become such monsters.
I hope they catch him!
AzAzura said…
Zenchef , Some of us are wearing masks and what beneath it is just too scary to know.
Anonymous said…
It always hurts to see these stories. So many missing children...