My love affair with sweets .

One fine day , I am sitting on my study , just thinking about my life, what I want to achieve and where else I would like to go for my holiday, so I made this reasonable list and try to visualise me going to these places.

Places I want to visit (one day)

Taj Mahal
Apia Island
Rabat and Casablanca ,Morocco
The pyramids in Egypt
Ayers Rock
Petra, Jordan
Safari anywhere in Africa

Miss India
I wish that I can go to India one day , it has always been a dream to go there , My late father went to India somewhere in early 80's and visiting Taj Mahal was something that He said He won't forget because it is such a beautiful building made with beautiful marbles.I was touched by the story of Mughal Emporer Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Begum. I aim to go there this year depending on health, time and financial .But I think If I were to do Taj Mahal, I might as well do other cities other than Agra and of course savour the culture , the history , the people , the art and of course the FOOD!!of each cities I will be visiting (hopefully).

Sweetie pie...,
I am addicted to my newly discovered barfi , it is an Indian sweet .I think because I can fall in love with anything sweet, milky and nutty (not as in crazy "nutty", but lots of nuts- nutty ) like gulab jamun , milky semolina cake and such. So, falling in love with this one is inevitable , this barfi I bought at a duty free shop during my holiday is just so,so yummy it contained figs, almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio and I could just eat the whole a kilo pack, which I did by the way....

To make on my own would be a challenge but I think I would go find the ingredients ,once I am done with this "cereals- only- diet" that I intend to follow starting tonight!... or maybe tomorrow because my mum made a delicious noodle dish for tonight that I simply can't resist.So.. yeah! tomorrow' would be the start of my "cereals- only- diet" until I reach my target.Then I will be at the Indian town's grocery shop to buy the ingredients for my beloved Barfi.


doudy said…
Well, you are welcome any time, to come to Cairo and see the pyramids
just email me :)if you want help
with hotels, transportation, guides...etc i'll be glad to help
AzAzura said…
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AzAzura said…
Thanks ! thats very kind of you Doudy ,I certainly will :)
Anonymous said…
I would love to see all these places too! You have good taste :-)
And i wasn't familiar with barfi but i agree. It looks delicious!
AzAzura said…
Zen chef! you have got good taste too ,but we already know this!Yes barfi is a very addictive nougat indeed xo