Here I am

Many things has been going on lately , and finally I have start rise up again working on this current new project of mine.This few weeks , I had not been well emotionally or physically.Every night I would look at the starless sky and wish that I am somewhere else.

I was out this morning for a business meeting and on my way back home I dropped by at my local sundry store while there I had a chat with the shop owner on how to make a perfect chappatti ( an Indian unleavened bread) and there were few more people from my neighbourhood at the shop just exchanging hi's and asking me how I am doing .I had a good start today , so I am not going to end today with going to bed in tears or pain .I am going to laugh a lot today and days to come and I am going to have a lot of mental flashbacks of sweet moments in my life

I got home after the meeting after going through a good traffic, yup no traffic jam just now! and switched on my computer and went to Lupus Foundation of America's blog and....I found that they wrote about me! Thank you LFA!(especially to Wick ) and I am honoured and really appreciate that .To be honest, even before I was linked to the blog , I often browse through it because it gives a good updated information on Lupus.I am a member, if not active, of Lupus group in England and Malaysia .I still think that they are still some lack of awareness about this disease ,for instance some people went paralyzed for years and blamed it on black magic because they do not know that they are such disease that could torment them in so many ways.I personally was wrongly diagnosed and was on the wrong drug for almost a year.!

But few years after that with the combinations of
good rheumatologists+good drugs+support from family and friends + discipline...

I am still here today , still aching and still searching like the rest of us . But I think I am a lucky person indeed , I've met many people in my life some has ugly personalities that need some reality check and sorting out :)I already had them removed from my life but most of people I had encountered so far are beautiful and nice to me.

For all these well wishers and beloved people around me, tonight I am going to look at the sky and Say "Thank you" , for allowing me to continue this journey...

Visit Lupus foundation of America at , or click on my link at "My dearest friends" column on this page(I still do not know how to create a link on articles !)


Julie said…
I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
It so important to live in the 'now'. To deconstruct your day in a succession of happy moments. To simplify. Happiness can be found in a cup of coffee.
I'm glad you had a good day! :-)
AzAzura said…
Julie, welcome.

Zen ,Thank you for positive advices xo