Leaner , muscular me... in a few months

I have put on so much kilos since a year and a half ago , I want to blame it on water retention caused by my daily intake of corticosteroids to control my Lupus , but when I come to think about it , its my alone time in the UK without anyone saying NO ,allows me to eat so much chocolate bars, pizzas and Indian takeaways.

Once.. I was mistaken for having an eating disorder

Almost 2 years ago , I was emaciated and 42 kilograms in weight.Lupus made me lose my appetite ,those whom are close to me were so worried , my boyfriend drove for hours looking for an Indian restaurant one Sunday afternoon after I said that I crave for some tandoori, took me to every restaurant that I suggested hoping that I'll regain my normal weight. My jeans were falling off and my skeletal figure is just so unattractive. Until the steroids gets into me,then.. my appetite were booming and I can eat almost everything, tubs of Haagen dazs strawberry cheesecake, fried chicken,fish and chips with mushy peas, , I ate them while I was in my white cotton sheet covered bed while watching the comedy channel.That was the among the best time of my life.
And without my mummy with me in the UK , no one would say NO to me,I have all the freedom to eat all the fast food that I want.

Now,Remember my jeans that's falling off my hips?they cant fit me anymore,I had put 10 (alright, maybe slightly more)kilograms in this almost 2 years.I don't want to put on this much but I love food so much , and chocolate topped the chart of my favourite things.

Itsy, bitsy, tiny, weenie, yellow polka dot bikini

Whenever I do my aerobics exercise trying to keep my heart beating fast for at least 30 minutes , I start to ache and have my down day the next day, Whenever I want to start running or taking a brisk walk outside , the weather in Kuala Lumpur is too sunny and I am photosensitive therefore I cant be exposed to the sun. But I am going to continue doing my aerobics , alternate with power yoga and eating the right food starting today ,

Will this 27 year old women stay away from fattening food and not be childish about it? I want to take up this challenge and put that old jeans on me again.I remember those days when I can just eat everything I wanted and still be thin, oh yea that's when I was 21... when metabolism was on my side.

This is the picture of my mum's Malay style fish curry.


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AzAzura said…
@dhillon and apip
Thanks ! and welcome to mine !Links exchange sounds good. xo
Anonymous said…
I love chocolate and ice cream too!
And i try to stay away from it but it's so hard with my job!! It's just always there. Oh well!
I feel like metabolism was on my side too a few years back, but now i have to watch out. I don't want a belly! haha
AzAzura said…
Zen chef, evil sweets.. and its calories , taste heavenly though:)