I found more nice friends in planet blog

Az Azura, why are you sad and why are they tears in your eyes?

Az Azura :I am sad because there are too many silly people in this world and they are hurting me

Why are they silly ?

Az Azura :Because they are human but act like evil,I am starting to think that they are satans who walk around wearing a human mask.

Jealousy , provoking others , trying to break peoples relationships with others ,anger , these are dark factors, but somehow human seems to embrace it , seems to enjoy having it in their personality.
I had written about it , though I don't feel like it. I never hurt someone I call a friend or go into people's lives , let alone provoking them and wrecking their interpersonal relations with whoever in their lives.Somehow we don't create a piece of heart and we does NOT have the right to hurt anyone, so beware with your words and your intentions.

In my entire life I only have few girls whom I call good friends One is a doctor now and one works in a University, they were always there when I need them name it to discuss school homework or when I'm ill , they never ask me questions with intentions to hurt my feelings , I know my life and my surroundings and hell I don't need anyone to pass judgements and volunteer to create a script for my life at this moment I am kind of in love with my life , I am pretty content with it though I think if I have 10 million pounds, running my own food produce corporation with annual turnover of 20 million pounds and running my own reality show ala apprentice that's called " Azura's prodigy" and not living with this disease would make my life happier.. I have no complaints so far ,because I don't like barking back but beware the next time.... and Yes, I know this homosapiens would come and disturb me again with their false stories and pretentiousness as if they are my real friends,I might use my kung fu fighting skill ala Bruce Lee and fight back.

Don't pretend to be my friend and stab me behind (or in front) of me, THAT upsets me, don't your parents teach you anything about being a good person?because my mum did.


Anonymous said…
that is why i am super-selective when it comes to 'friends'.......
AzAzura said…
yes azra .. but sometimes you just can't pick when they are there on your face ha, ha. :)
Jojo said…
I totally agree with your post! Some people live a two-faced life. I find the one faced life is a lot easier! :)
Thanks for posting on my blog about my birds. Bobo is just as loud and he is a joy!