Wishing on the shining fireworks

I can't believe its 2008 already ! I haven't had enough of 2007 ! .A year older and a year wiser.The view from where I am typing this was beautiful last night, the bright colours of the light from KL tower and the giant fireworks in the sky were just beautiful viewed from the balcony of my residence.I was not out last night, firstly because ,I was still feeling a bit sick from that food poisoning I got , and secondly even If I was allright healthwise ,I feel tired of going out and doing the typical routine of counting down with some drunk and sweaty people.Have I got really old ?have I lost that touch? Have I finished all the essence of having fun? Am I not hip'? I don't know ,I think sometimes we just enjoy the chill- out moment by ourselves, the moment , the secret place that is not shared by anyone.Last night I just hang out at home .

Welcome 2008 and goodbye 2007 , a year that had taught me many things, sweet, sour, bitter I 've tasted it all , tears and laughter that made me the strong person I am today. January 1,2008 ,I've decide to push away the bitterness that I had tasted,I want to only cry happy tears , or maybe realistically speaking, shed LESS tears, eat all the Hershey's milk chocolate and creamy desserts and be thin forever but most of all I want to stay away from Lupus and not let it attack me .

I am praying for all the happiness for us all.May 2008 fills your life with health,joy and wealth( thats another word for "helluva lots of money").
Happy New Year


Anonymous said…
Hey Sayangku Azura, thanks for dropping by my place, and heres wishing you Happy New Year, my the year 2008 filled with more joy, more laughter, more moolah ;D, more love and lots of more more more, most of all more good health ya, God bless!
chronic chick said…
I added you. Happy New Year. Its sure a small world. I was actually born in the Uk
AzAzura said…

Thank you !same to you xoxo

chronic chick,
ha ,ha it is indeed ,thanks for the link.xoxo
Anonymous said…
Azazura happy New Year to you darling! I wish you all the best of health, love, laughter and $$$.
Looking forward to a great year!
AzAzura said…
Zen Chef,
You're so sweet :o) Thanks!
yes, we shall have a great year x
Shantanu said…
Happy New Year, azazura! Have fun with all the milk chocolate and creamy desserts. :-)
andrea matranga said…
Auguri buon 2008. hai un bel blog. complimenti ma tu parli Italiano?
AzAzura said…
Ciao! molte grazie,anche a lei!

Scusa ,Non parlo Italiano .

I have to refer to my phrasebook .
AzAzura said…
Shantanu.. I laughed my head off reading your wish.I certainly will pump myself up with those creamy desserts and milky chocolates :o)
warrior2 said…
Hello Azura,

This is my first visit to your blog. Still looking around to see what you have in here.

Anyway, have a wonderful life!
AzAzura said…
warrior 2,
Thanks , and welcome to my blog , i hope you enjoy your browse.