I am fighting this.

These are among my starters at Al Muntaha Restaurant in Dubai ,I enjoyed my brunch there.great food and service.

Ouuchh! my bones are aching again , I know I should have taken the calcium supplements that The Doctor asked me to take,I know that my daily intake of corticosteroids could cause brittle bone in later years.But lately I find it hard enough to cope up with the rest of my pills , this few days I ve been going to bed with tears in my eyes , my knee cap and ankle's bone is aching like it had been poked with nails. I have tried to forget this pain by sitting in front of the computer and lately Internet has become my best source of entertainment , My project is still in the state of unfinished and I make a vow to finish it by this weekend.

I do not want to think about what if I can't walk again but the picture of me having jelly feet emerged in my nightmares.
Time and situation never allows me to be weak ,I have no other choice but to be strong. It is time for me to open that sealed bottle of Calcium supplement .

A very Happy Birthday to my boyfriend Roger (January 3rd) , may all his wishes come true xx.


the legend said…
hi zura,

happy new year..
keep on diet...:)
warrior2 said…
You probably dont want any sympathy.

There were those few times in all these years that I suddently have some nagging pain somewhere and for those brief moments of hours or just a few days, I thought to myself, why am I having this pain or it is so painful and I feel so down, so low and so helpless.

But you are facing what you are having now for so long now and would probably be the same for many more years.

You have my DOA!
Anonymous said…
You have to picture yourself healthy, happy and abundant even if it's hard sometimes. Focus on the good and the bad will fade away. Mind is a wonderful tool you know, you just have to believe. Trust me. I've seen it.