Enuff!!!!!! (encore for a fake primadona)

Is it just me ... or am I really being copy catted?!!

The other day this particular friend of mine went out with me and since we have not seen each other for ages I find its really weird that all that she had been asking was about my shoes and my jeans ,and where I got them from instead of asking whats new with me... or 'How am I doing... , but she was so darn busy asking me where I got my jeans, handbags, tops, spectacles and shoe from,I was flattered at the time I thought "maybe I have a good fashion sense" besides ,the factory made many of them and not only for me..., so I shared the infos of my shoe and jeans , Ignoring what my friends had told me that she had got the same EVERYTHING that's exactly like mine since years ago when I left for England again.

...And that is including car make,hairstyles, speech style-the way I talk.. (huh!)I don't even realized that I have a "way" of talking? , perfumes and .. many more!Its beyond coincidence and the latest one is... now that I am blogging she wants to blog too!I figured that since I left, she had been playing "Az Azura"! I can't disclose everything outrageous that was done by this person but now I am feeling less flattered , just don't come to my house one day and claim that my family is yours, I don't know what to say... except for that I need to be surrounded by some normal people PLEASE!
I heard a friend wished that she had a disease like mine .. but that is something else.(rolling my eyes)

I would like to send my condolence to Lolok's family on the demise of this modest and talented men.Lolok is well known composer and lyricist in Malaysia.

and on a Happy note..
A very happy Birthday to my good friend Beautiful Amy in the UK.May all your wishes comes true honey"xx


Anonymous said…
hehehehehe....sounds familiar, girl read my posting 'what are friends for'(or something like that, cant remember)....i have (had) one friend like this....

take good care!xo
Julie said…
Normal people? Do they really exist? Really, really?
AzAzura said…
Azra darling , I know !! It scares the hell out of me and annoying at the same time too- tiru! tiru! xoxo

Julie.. ha ha true also..
LFA said…
hey there ... you are most welcome. It's a pleasure to showcase other lupus related blogs.

Turns out you and I have another friend in common ... Tarrell in South Africa. Small world huh? :-)

So I saw you poked me in Facebook. Sweet. I tried to find your profile to "friend" you, but I'm not 100% sure which one is you. Send me a friend invite at "William Davis" in Facebook.

Hope your Thursday is going well.

Anonymous said…
Me too! I wanna be like you. haha. What kind of jeans do you wear?? :-)

I think as long she doesn't want the same boyfriend as you do, you'll be okay. If she does, watchout...catfight! Meeeaaoowwww..