Curry goes wrong

The original title of this post had been edited to avoid sounding too rude.I love food, I love eating them and I love preparing them.
I am a Malay girl and I know my Malay cooking, I'm not saying that I know it all , or Im the best ,but I know when people lied a Malay recipe to me.

Just a while ago, out of tiredness , I turned on the television and saw a show called' Suvalyana Suttrula 'on RTM2 at 5 pm,apparently this is a joint venture production of India and Malaysia and it shows places of interests of both countries and its cuisine, to be precise - A cultural exchange show, the concept is good, but I think it is the case where scripting goes bad that it hurts my feelings and tummy .
The guest chef today hailed from a catering company wearing a white and green patches- patterned jacket , He is Malaysian of Indian ethnicity and definitely his company specialises in Indian cooking as Indian banquet is famous in Malaysia. so Mr smart pants today wants to be funky and taught the audience how to cook Malay style Fish curry.

First, he poured like half a litre of oil to fill his wok then he said that Malay loves their food with oil in the surface

Then he put a stalk of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves

After that, he poured like a litre of chilli paste followed by fish curry powder

Followed by coconut milk

Then lastly he added some fish I am sure he put some birds eye chillies somewhere throughout the session

What is wrong with the recipe is all of them, nothing he showed was Malay fish curry or we called them 'Gulai Ikan'.Malays do not use Kaffir lime leaves in their curry let alone pouring like a gallon of chili paste.

I am fine if he said that it is his own signature dish , but this is like tarnishing the Malay cooking principles, and it is being broadcast in India as well.. how am I going to fix this 'misinformation' and tell every friends of mine in India that what he cooked is NOT a Malay cooking? For my friends who had or will watch this show, please note that we never ever used that spicy birds eye small chillies and kaffir lime leaves in our curry , besides just like your curries , we sauteed our shallots and garlic gently at the first place until it has reach its crispiness'

I shall ask my mother to cook one next week , so I can show what it looks like.

For now, I am going to enjoy my delicious Barfi it is an Indian sweet, Yes it is.Unless ,if wikipedia and recipe books lied to me.