Cambodia calling

I am tired of this city ,I know it has plenty to offer , like shopping malls to browse and go crazy at and tonnes of restaurants and cafes. As it is always sunny in Kuala Lumpur and I can't be exposed to the sun, my activities lately is going out for dinner with my family and friends , Last night for instance , it wasn't raining so I went for a nice Chinese vegetarian meal with my neighbour Thava and Malar they are both lawyers and Thava is probably reading this now - Thank You.
I got up today doing the same routine of having breakfast , eating my pills and that makes me think about this place , a place where I am happier , where my heart is like a never ending green sierra.The friendliness of its people and the simplicity of their lives touched my heart and changed me in certain way.

I 've been thinking about Cambodia a lot, and even more today ,I had a great time there more than a year ago , though I had been warned about how awful the place is before i actually been there.. surprisingly I had a great time, I did the Siam Reap to Phnom Penh route and did it by bus that broke down every one hour and yet the drivers and the bus's staffs were smiling and laughing.

The Angkor was the highlight for me , I ve always wanted to see the monument that was rediscovered in 1860's, every inch of the structure was engraved so beautifully and the stairs were so tiny , though I was afraid to climb it at the first place, with some encouragement from my boyfriend and my new American friends I did it, make it to the top and that was among the best time of my life.Child street peddlers selling just about anything from postcards to sarongs , the sounds of tuk tuks, Cafes by the Bar street ,Eating at Amok and Dead fish tower (two places with different personalities and charms), the kindness of the people (they were just plain nice towards me , no motives or scam , just being nice and humble). THAT had touched my heart , in fact I almost cried when I was about to leave.I stayed in Day Inn Angkor in Siam reap and the room and pool was big, its a nice Hotel and their waiters were just funny and had addressed me as their sister.

Capital City
In Phnom Penh I stayed at The Raffles that serves great breakfast,this was where 'The Killing Field' was filmed. It's a gorgeous hotel and I enjoyed every bits of it , and the tuk -tuk driver called San Sambo who always makes me laugh He had stalked me and appeared in front of me all the time whenever I'm in town,having a meal at Sisowath Quay(which is the place to be) or right just when I'm out from the Hotel gate.I remember when we were on the way to the killing fields , me and my boyfriend had to help him push his tuk-tuk due to bad road( and its dusty as well)It was a funny experience but the scattered human bones and thousands of skulls we saw after that was just heart wrenching to see.

The food that I can't forget was at a restaurant called Lemongrass that serves Thai , and of course at FCC because it has a great view overlooking the Mekong river while I enjoyed a bowl of pasta with mussels sitting on the balcony. Oh , I miss it there ....

Needless to say, I feel like I could just pack and leave for Cambodia right now,Just as I had once upon promised under the Angkor sky , I will be back. And now I hear it calling my name.


Karina said…
Beautiful- to feel so strongly about a place, you can hear it calling your name. :)
Anonymous said…
It looks beautiful and it sounds wonderful! :-)
Follow your dreams!