Monday, 8 December 2008

I came ,I learnt,I had fun

Mr Pang and I whom I have not seen for over 10 years!!the event brought us together again!Mr Pang is the GM of Corelle Malaysia

Puan Sri Ampi talking about manners and how to entertain at home with style and grace.She is an epitome of elegance.

"The company " sponsored an event organised by a prestigious female magazine and I was there. Thanks to "Her World" for taking a good care of me on that day.I had so much fun and I met Puan Sri Ampi , the speaker on that day, who is not only gorgeous but oh! so kind and modest!I read her column on etiquette in my daily newspaper back then when I was a teenager, but to see her in person and her presentation's style is delightful.Oh! I got to do my "mini diva" stuff as well .Life is yummy! mwah mwah.

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rizhan said...

i dah lama tak juga tak update blog is a specialist is beginning to punish me now he he....glad to see u are writing again....and happy....sedih jugak thought you are leaving the blog world...
any way u take care..everytime i manage SLE patient in my ward mesti i teringat kat u....