Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tiada bintang di Budapest

                                 Tiada bintang di Budapest

the beautiful girls in our booth
with colleague .

with my kind colleague while waiting for his beautiful wife to send us medicines for our friend.


Obviously, I wasn't doing much on my Budapest trip because  first, it was work  and secondly,it was really cold! when I was there ,they were even death reported due to the freezing factor.

BUT , thanks to my kind colleagues, they had organised for  me to be driven around the city for few hours before  I departed, million thanks to Marco who had also driven us all around in the evenings,I am blessed to have known such a kind person.

Thanks also for  people at The Malaysian embassy for such kind invitation  and for visiting me at kind of them.

Despite they were no stars in it's sky when I was there,I collected so many  kindness resembling the shining stars and I kept it in my book of the sweetest memories forever.....

Wasabi sushi bar at etterem.

szimpla is simply stunning

Sir Lancelot-what a fun , fun place and awesome food-highly recommended

the only picture I managed to take to prove that I was  actually in Budapest
Beautiful city 

Ravishing Ravenna

Ravenna,  Italy...where merry go round makes a merry afternoon

On a Sunday morning, I have decided to take a train ride in the cold winter to see my friend whom last I saw in Hong Kong 2 years ago , she is a kind person and a very focus young lady knowing her direction career and life and we had a good laugh, it's definitely a good Sunday  and if you're reading this Gloria, I can't wait to hear more stories when we see each other, I have sets of my own too mind you...big mug of coffee please

breakfast before my train ride to see my beautiful Gloria

yeah , i know ,i love her new 4s too...

i love this place!

Chapter Ramones and Rimini

                                              Rimini ,Italy 

where they love Piadina and cheese called 


I love Rimini in winter just because most of our team members were there, the kind of people I would  love to keep in my heart forever  and not just business.Welcome to my life, the life of sweets,gelato,rockstars and yayness!

the kebab guy
the poster Marky of THE RAMONES

with friends from work

The real Marky, whom was introduced to me by my boss

aren't they beautiful? <3

i went for chippy in Rimini!

Rimini is so beautiful

Pinerolo on 550D and blackberry

at a place called "eataly" with deborah.


tilt your head to the right please

it's all white

Winter state of mind

Alhamdulilah , I am grateful for what I  have  for now,Late last year was the period where I had to make some real important decisions in my life.I must say I had listened to my heart  and I think I made the best of decisions for myself.
Now my new  task takes me to a larger portion of the map and I am glad with such a vibrant role I am about to make spreading happiness and polishing  my creativity.


excerpt from wiki:The village was destroyed in the Vajont disaster on October 9, 1963, when a landslide fromMonte Toc forced 50 million cubic metres of water (seiche) over the top of the Vajont Dam. Longarone lay in the immediate path of the wave of mud and water which swept into the valley below. 1,909 villagers were killed.
Longarone was rebuilt following the tragedy and is now once again a thriving community. The fortieth anniversary of the disaster was marked, in October 2003, by a commemorative ceremony in Longarone 

            A picture to show that I actually work and not just having fun all the time, well, work is fun!

we are always the busiest!

Laundry machines are my friend's -Salva's trade and here I was doing mine  and pretending to model for the brand

with my good friend and his wife, I met the husband in Milan the first time many years ago and we have not seen each other for years now I am happy that I have 2 of them as my good friends <3.

A night in Belluno

I just love these girls, we work together !