Saturday, 31 July 2010

Friendship, family, food and fun

This note is written with  heart opens so wide and mind jiggling with the idea if I should  order a pizza and mouth sipping my mother's delicious steaming hot chicken soup made for  Reza, my brother who is  not feeling very well.I am currently  eating , writing  while glancing at the Nat geo showing my  favorite elephant show.

" Food is so much more than fuel-it's a catalyst for emotion, a historical journey, a rite,a celebration, a three times-daily act of giving and receiving love and a fine opportunity of exhibitionism"

My family loves food, throughout my life  spent  all over the globe, I enjoy eating food different from my own segment of taste, since I was  a kid I challenged myself to  various palette .From small districts where we enjoy our steamed fish with   plums,  tofu soup with salted vegetables  or that freshly baked  bread slapped with  freshly made kaya by Auntie Helen and her brother   Uncle Jerry who passed away 10 years ago to big cities restaurant where Mum and I usually meet my late father for steak lunch .I love food and I am a merciless critic, my close friends would say "Azura is very fiery when it comes to bad food" and I don't sugarcoat my words.I got it from my mother, she is also a very fussy eater...cleanliness of the  floor to the chefs is at the corner of her eyes.
With those being written, I just say that   when I stumbled  upon some really bad restaurant , I try not to blog about it, this is one to one - having  balls  and pride situation , if  the restaurant screws up, tell the owner and  sort them  out verbally or written ... publicising about  is not an act of a brave person.
if I want to write something  bad  name it about restaurants or some people I met , we can have an encyclopedia of insults.

I have been eating at The Equatorial for as long as I live, whenever we were in KL for our summer holiday, we would always , always come to Nipah for food, although at one time I stopped going there, at this moment , I can't find any  other place comparable  to the comfort, friendliness and  homely taste  that Nipah gave me.I went in my  designer's attire or shorts and t shirt...the service are always consistent being served in less than 60 seconds.This is definitely a  service record, even at some posh resort I stayed at ... they made me wait for 20 minutes during peak time...that's just for a glass of water.But at Nipah , that  never happened  to me.
Growing up together have been a  great experience, I must say .Thank You Nipah for being  part of my life.3 generations and we are still with you.

Recently I was invited by the Equatorial team led by Mr Alan the GM , of course  prior to that I was invited  three times by My Zainal , Chef Anthony and  Mr Hamidi, (you can imagine how welcomed I felt!)to their preview of Ramadhan breaking fast  buffet spread .Wow is the word and I would truly recommend this without prejudice, If  say it's good's really good.
During ramadhan , Moslem's fasting month ,  Nipah also comes up with Tiffin set and  you can order it to be delivered.Because I will be tired  I will be ordering that as well .At the preview, I tasted some Hari raya cookies and feeling greedy I would go and prebook  their  Kueh Makmur and  Tart because I know their hygiene standard  and ingredients.

There you go Equatorial,... we have been together for 29 years and I think it's about time for me  to brag about you.

Days before the preview, I met Mr Mahadi when I was a little kid until today , that I actually qualify to be a mother to a little kid

Big Fish!

I forgot how many dishes they  will making everyday but they are close to 200! Yes, that's right...200

Equatorial is located in Jalan Sultan Ismail.
for reservations contact 03 2161 7777

Chef Anthony in action

seafood galore!

Eat , Pray, version

My mum having her frangipani tart
Chicken chop
Kuala Lumpur can be a great place to live, despite the influx of too many non Malaysian in the city , we all manage to live our live in harmony.I am living my life in my own little bubble, Doing my own things and running my my life one sous vide bag at a time.These are the pictures of what's going on with my life lately but most of all they just pictures of food! Again!

Messy Lasagne at Bangsar Village
I this this was at midvalley's Rasa timur...maybe that's the nameof that cafe
Noodle soup with wanton since I retired from eating  Curry laksa as Madam kwan  said, it's too hot for me.
From customer to friends i love this place-try their paratha wrap
Yes! that is a computer , wifi equipped taxi in Malaysia.Malaysia boleh!
Thanks mum for making me this  crochet blanket!

Beautiful moss while I am walking a walk called  my "vision walk"
New menu at KFC Wisma KFC, formerly known as Wisma Idris, I used to go to their Bakery division called Baker's cottage with mum  when i was a teen and with Kim for coffee ... where are you now Kim?
Sauce fiesta at our steamboat place
I can hear the bird calling my name from her azura..raaa raa....

With my beloved, lagendary Madam Kwan

ok , ok why not...another curry laksa
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my brither's gigantic  ais kacang

I love my bank , I walked all the way to get some cash , they were actually doing a fire dril training and i had to walk to another branch because I was not allowed to  go into their ATM section. :(
this was our  final choice but we love  it! ayam penyek by an Indonesian chain  at Sunway
Pho bo reminds me of my time in Ho Chi Minh...not all great but it is a sentimental one
my future chandelier
Love and kissing are only toys
Pasta with tonnes of seafood, I remember going to Lele's place in Venice where the fresh clams and mussels are thrown into the pasta.
After gym I head for KLCC  for my favourite Laksa Johor at la cucur
Salmon and chips at Manhattan Fish market which is actually a Malaysian chained restaurant.
Batik coffee is my invention

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Oh my BFM!

For these people at BFM -Sonia,Hilyati and Caroline Oh  three beautiful ladies , Thank you so much  for inviting me for this interview session and for having me at your station.

Loads of love,

Friday, 16 July 2010

Join me here!

My hair is getting long!

Add me here!

Hey there, if you have a radio, this Monday at 7 pm I will be on air on bfm, if you don't and still wants to listen to my voice , log on to for the podcast.Monday at 7 pm , bfm 89.9. mwah, mwah

Loads of love ,

Chef Azura